Pode – Review
Follow Genre: Puzzle adventure
Developer: Henchman & Goon
Publisher: Henchman & Goon
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Tested on: Nintendo Switch

Pode – Review

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Bad: Some puzzles are really far-fetched
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One of the biggest subjects in science is the universe and all what’s in it. Stars, planets and other elements that float around us are being discovered every day, although we already know some things. In Pode, you’ll follow the story of a small blob of light that needs to solve some puzzles, together with her friend Bulder. Read on and invite a friend over to dive into this game.


Stars are normally only visible during those dark nights, but sometimes you’re able to see some shooting stars. What if these were actually small blobs of light that wanted to get back to the sky? This is the case for Glo. She tumbled out of the atmosphere and is hoping to get back, together with her new best buddy Bulder. They enter a mountain so they can get to the top, but there are some obstacles they need to take care of first. It becomes clear that they need to work together to solve some puzzles. Will they be able to get to the top? It’s your task to get them there, or alone or with a friend. As there is no real narrative, the story progresses thanks to the several riddles and is mostly visualized. This surely is something different but it certainly isn’t a bad thing.


Get ready to dive into a cute and detailed environment. Both Bulder as Glo got their own specific powers, which can change the surroundings and make everything pretty and refreshing. Some levels are in a specific theme, which means that the visuals are different as well. The combination of the two adorable protagonists and the never-ending changes in the environment makes it a real pleasure for the eye.


As the music has to be fitting with the graphics, you’ll be guided by some sweet, soothing tunes to help you on your way to the top. As both Glo and Bulder are muted, they will only have some sound effects to make them the cutest characters ever. It makes it all really playful, while some of the sounds are making the game more interactive and interesting.

You might think that the absence of voicing is disturbing or annoying but it actually gives you the feel of tranquility, especially when you take the graphics in account.


Pode is a co-op oriented puzzle adventure where you and a friend have to work together to get Glo and Bulder up the mountain. It is possible to tackle this game solely but it’s clear that it’s made to get cozy in the couch and play this game together. When you tackle it alone, you need to do the actions of both Glo and Bulder, which makes it rather complicated as you need to always stick together and remember how to trigger every move.

There are several levels for you to discover, each with their own specific theme and skills. It could be you have to experiment a bit to find the right combination and what you need to do. Even more, it could be you need to retrace your steps more than once because one of both characters is stuck somewhere. At the end of the level, there is mostly a ‘boss’ puzzle for you to solve. Here, you need to find the correct combination for example and use the skills you’ve acquired during your run. When this is over, you can tackle the next one.

Bulder, the rock-solid support of the group, is able to use magnetized powers and suck up certain parts or even Glo. As he is the heavier one of the two, it’s impossible for him to jump far, although he can get into certain passages so he can get to unreachable locations. Glo on the other hand is the visualization of light, which she’s able to emit whenever needed. Even more, she can float thanks to her airy body, while she can also leave a part of her somewhere and use it as teleportation. They can jump on each other to get to certain ledges or Bulder can spit out Glo over a certain gap. There are so many different actions you can do, and you’ll need to be broad-minded to find the answer to the riddle.

Next to just going through the different stages, you can also invest some time to find collectibles. These are hidden all over the place, some more accessible than others. As far as we know, there isn’t a real use for it, but don’t we all like to collect things and beat the game completely?


If you like to get a game where you have to get together with a friend, be sure to check Pode. This adventure game with several puzzles might get you hooked before you know it. The graphics are cute and harmonious with the music, which will give you a feeling of calmness. As you need to work together, be ready to get some snacks and your open mind. Solving puzzles with someone was never so enlightening.

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Pode - Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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