Pokémon Rumble World will be free-to-play

Pokémon Rumble World will be free-to-play

Slowly but surely, Nintendo seems to be dipping its toes in the free-to-play gaming market. This time, the biggest franchise on its handheld line-up is about to hit the 3DS with Pokémon Rumble World, set to release on 8 April 2015.

The game will feature all of the 719 currently known Pokémon, including their Mega Evolutions. It’ll be set in the Kingdom of Toys, where the player’s Mii character learns that the king is discontent with having but one Pikachu. His goal is of course to find and capture every kind of Pokémon, so he sends you on the mission to “Catch ‘Em All.”

As always, the term “free-to-play” should be taken with a grain of salt, as the game will feature Pokédiamants as a currency which can be used to progress faster. These diamonds have been announced to be provided in-game, i.e. by passing other 3DS owners with Street Pass, but avid players will soon be directed towards the Nintendo eShop to buy more of this shiny goodness.

For more information, we refer you to the latest Nintendo Direct, which is available below!

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