Pokémon Shuffle now available in Europe

Pokémon Shuffle now available in Europe

Today, the Pokémon Company International and Nintendo have released Pokémon Shuffle, a new 3DS game, in Europe.

In the game, players take it up against three or more selected Pokémon and make their way through different phases of the game. The basic goal in Pokémon Shuffle consists of bringing down the HP of the Pokémon you’re fighting against in a certain amount of turns.

Pokémon Trainers can download the game free of charge from the Nintendo eShop and make their way through the entire game without making a single purchase. Each player starts off with five hearts and for each phase, a heart must be sacrificed. When you’re out of hearts, you’ll have to wait around until they refill after which you can play some more.

There’re possibilities to get hearts at a faster rate by purchasing gems with Nintendo eShop credits. These gems give the player the opportunity to receive a lot of advantages like more items and the ability to keep on fighting, even though your hearts ran out.

Another feature in Pokémon Shuffle is the StreetPass functionality. Thanks to the StreetPass, players are able to exchange player records with other Pokémon fans plus, using the StreetPass might get you some bonus gems!

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