Political frolicking with Megalo Polis now in Steam Early Access

Political frolicking with Megalo Polis now in Steam Early Access

Ever wanted to bribe and lie your way to presidency, just like a real politician? Well, good news, because here’s your chance- in the form of real-time strategy game Megalo Polis! Here, you can bend rules, manipulate voters and defame the competition all you like to gain entry to the White House as leader of the ol’ US of A.

Fast-paced and highly satirical, Megalo Polis challenges you to rid of your rivals whilst trying your best to sway the vote of population, manage your time and keep those money coffers full to the brim. Bribery, framing, extortion…just remember, anything goes!

The main features of this game include:

  • Caricatures of real politicians: ‘down-with-the-kids’ Clinton, ‘loudmouth’ Trump and ‘cool guy’ Obama, with more to come in the future
  • Racing your opponents to gain support- by any means necessary
  • Over 20 special abilities to outsmart and out-manoeuvre the other candidates
  • The ability to influence key classes to control districts and disrupt your opponent
  • Voting battles with over 40 state-specific challenges

Megalo Polis is now available on Steam Early Access for PC at £9.53 in the UK with a 10% discount until the 4th of March, $12.59 in the US, and around the same price in the EU. If you’re interested, make sure to check out the trailer below!

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