POLYGOD – Out now!

POLYGOD – Out now!

Today the much anticipated minimalistic randomly generated FPS game POLYGOD has been released. POLYGOD features a different gameplay experience each session through a randomly generated level system. A lot of positive attention has already been attracted for the game through the Early Access on Steam. Its distinctive and bold visual style makes the game stand out.

“It’s been a long road to release and we’re super excited to finally get the game into the hands of our community” commented Dominic Obojkovits, co-founder, Lead Designer & Programmer at Krafted Games. “We firmly believe POLYGOD offers a unique take on the FPS genre and are confident that our ideas and game direction will strike a chord with the hard-core fans of the genre worldwide”

POLYGOD has a brutal difficulty curve and only those good enough will ascend to Godhood. In the game, you can easily substitute skill for strategy so an unskilled strategic player, could be just as good as a skilled nonstrategic player. You can either play co-op or versus multiplayer, online or local (co-op only for Switch) which means you can compete with your friends and family.

The gameplay is super-fast paced and will need about hundreds of hours to master.  POLYGOD’s controls are similar to classic FPS like Quake 3 or the original Doom. Weapons will be able to be customized with a unique “Blessings” system. You can combine and stack blessings to create unique weapons. Understanding the blessing system will give the game another replay value.

POLYGOD is out now for the Switch, Xbox and PC.


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