Poöf vs. The Cursed Kitty – Review
Follow Genre: action, platformer, tower defense
Developer: Arkedo Studio
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Platform: PC

Poöf vs. The Cursed Kitty – Review

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Running, jumping bombing, freezing and … taking a dump? Poöf vs. The Cursed Kitty is a new title developed by Arkedo Studio which will have you jumping and running around the level while you kill endless waves of enemies in order to save your kitty from being hurt.



You are Poöf, a dog destined to save your kitty. One small detail though, the kitty is cursed! Endless waves of enemies will keep swarming in and try to kill your kitty, the only thing that can stop them is you. In order to achieve this, you use the upgrades and towers located around the map to keep your kitty alive as long as possible.



Poöf vs. The Cursed Kitty is not customizable in any way, but this really isn’t necessary. The game is very lightweight and can run all computers if they aren’t from the Stone Age.

The level and monsters are very cartoony, this doesn’t only make the game fun to play and watch, but it gives that unique feeling to a game. Compare it by playing Team Fortress 2, it might look cartoony and childish, but it is very challenging!

So the graphics are simplistic but that doesn’t make them bad, because they are so simple, there’s not much you can do wrong. The game looks and plays beautifully and every new background you unlock gives a whole new feeling to the game.


The music in this game is very fun and unique. The music in the main menu makes you feel like you’re in the Middle Ages but once you jump into the game, the music changes to 100% action. It’s very fun, energetic and makes the game so much better.

Everything has its own sound effect, jumping, monsters, towers, you name it! Every sound effect characterizes a specific monster or action you’re doing. The only annoying sound effect is the loud “ping” in the background when an upgrade spawns, a more calm sound would be better fitting.



The most important factor in any game, the gameplay! Poöf doesn’t have a lot of it, but the first couple of hours are guaranteed to amuse you! For the controls you have basic movement and jumping, left and right click, or you can also use a game controller and play the game!

The game is very basic so doesn’t really need a tutorial, you jump on enemies to kill them or you use towers and upgrades that do it for you. Certain enemies are one-shot kill, but others need over 5 jumps until they die.

Each time you start your mission, you have 3 objectives you must complete in order to get upgrades. This can vary from kill 10 monsters to get a combo of 50. Some are easy, some are very hard to achieve, that’s one of the things that makes this game very challenging at times.

After you complete your 3 objectives, you can spend one token in the shop for upgrades. Some upgrades give you more money, others unlock new rooms, and one even unlocks a new jump attack which does more damage than your normal jump! If your kitty is caught, the level also ends and you receive some experience, this fills your experience bar. If it’s full you get a reward! The rewards can vary from new background to new skins for you and your kitty, so there is a little change of scenery now and then.

The game can also be fast-forwarded and slowed down, if you slow it down you receive less points, if you speed it up you get more. Don’t be afraid to slow the time down though! Sometimes you have to rush from the top of the map to the bottom in order to save your kitty, that’s where the slow-motion really comes in handy!


As said before, upgrades are placed around the map. You can find a healing spell, a freeze spell, towers, swords and much more! You can use this upgrade by simply left clicking or you can simply eat it and poop it out. The poop isn’t there without a reason! The poop greatly reduces enemies their speed, so you can buy yourself time, or you can strategically place them next to electric towers in order to have your enemies damaged by it for a longer period of time.

But what is the game really about? Well, you survive as long as you can to get as much score as possible. Why? To brag with it of course! There is an online scoreboard where you can compare your score to your friends their score or with other players around the world!


Poöf gets a well-deserved 7.8. It’s full of action packed platforming mixed with good old tower defense. That’s why I definitely recommend this game if you have some time to kill. It’s very easy to play, doesn’t need a high end computer and it’s very cheap. And if you’re still not convinced, here is the hilarious(ly bad) trailer of the game!

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