Popular Casino Games in Japan

Popular Casino Games in Japan

Japan has everything – beautiful language, fun and modern artwork, and a culture like no other. Casino games are incredibly popular in Japan due to a recent rise in access to online casinos, whether it’s a late-night flutter on a slot, or winning big round the virtual table with some friends. Despite the lack of physical casinos in Japan, online casino games are some of the most popular in Japan now. Want to know what hits the top spots? Read on to find out.

Slot Games

Slots are one of the most popular forms of casino games played in Japan to date. Whether they’re your standard fun slot, or Japanese styles or themes within the slot, such as manga or anime related slots, they’re played throughout the country, usually online. People in Japan don’t play around either; they’re going for slots that have a high RTP, the most popular of which hit over 96% RTP, meaning they’re in it to win it. They value nearby, Japan-oriented companies too, however – the slot Hawaiian Dream is produced by JTG, a company based in Hong Kong that is dedicated to boost Japanese culture into mainstream audiences, and of course has become a hit with the Japanese themselves. These games of chance are a huge hit in Japan. If you want a taste of the action, you can find popular Japanese slot games and more at kajinobet.com.


We all know poker to some extent, and you may or may not be surprised to find that it’s incredibly popular in Japan, too. For those unfamiliar with poker, it can be played with strangers or with friends, competing for the highest hand amongst the group once betting has been made over several rounds, giving the option for players to fold their cards, check the bet, or raise the bet, depending on how good they think their chances are. There are a huge variety of poker games online, the most popular being Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Poker, and Omaha High, and despite being unable to see others’ “poker faces” over the internet, there is skill required to determine how good someone’s hand is depending on how they bet, or how they interact with the other players. The skill aspect of the game alongside the luck element makes it incredibly exciting, hence why it is just so popular in Japan.


Baccarat is an incredibly popular game, partly down to how simple it is to get the hang of, as well as its reputation – it is, after all, one of the most well-known and most classic games in Japan. All players need to do is get a total as close to nine as they can, and money is made by betting on a player, or betting on the banker, or even betting on a tie. It’s a little like blackjack, but with an ability to bet on players, not just yourself. There are plenty of variations online too, to keep things up in the air and switch things up a bit, such as Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque. Those who like to bet big often are drawn to Baccarat, as it offers some valuable wins, despite some risky losses. Some players in Japan prefer the Japanese version, Dragon Tiger, whereby players bet on which hand will have the higher hand – the Dragon, or the Tiger.


Roulette is a classic in many casinos across the world, and it’s no different for the online casinos in Japan. It’s incredibly easy to play, as well as fast-paced, meaning it’s easy to win big quickly. Although it relies mostly on luck, this often makes the game all the more exciting and tense for those betting, making it so popular with players in Japan. By predicting what colour, number, or a specific colour and number a ball would land on, you could win a lot of money with few bets, particularly if you choose a risky tab or bet, as these often have incredibly high pay outs. It’s also commonly considered a beginner’s game in gambling, making it easy for anyone of any experience to play.

These are the most common casino games played by Japanese players online – which one is your favourite?

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