Power & Revolution 2019 Edition out now on Steam

Power & Revolution 2019 Edition out now on Steam

Eversim has released their newest update to the geopolitical simulator Power & Revolution 2019 Edition on Steam. This version of the game is currently only available for Windows systems, but will be available for Mac users in a couple of days. Power & Revolution 2019 Edition puts you at the top of up to 30 nations. It will be your job to run these nations and you need to implement cohesive and effective policies that will guarantee a viable future for mankind.

The latest patch contains many political and economic data updates including elections in several European countries following the results of the recently held European Elections. This game simulates many major perils that threaten the planet, such as global warming, cybercrime, the rise of populism and many other recent issues. It also includes over 800 political personalities such as Putin, Trudeau and Trump.

This update also adds a new mode called Chaos 2030. This mode is a futuristic game mode where nations have turned inward and have opted for more radical governments with a lot of access to nuclear weapons. The fight against global warming has failed, the relations between states are strained and key international organizations have been dissolved. it’s your task to make the world a better place in this disaster scenario.

Many more changes have been implemented with this update. You can see all changes on the game’s site following this link. A trailer has also been released for this announcement and you can check it out below.


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