Powerball, a new Game Boy Color game, is out now!

Powerball, a new Game Boy Color game, is out now!

Retro-indie games publisher Bitmap Soft and developer Ruben Retro have jointly announced the upcoming game Powerball for Nintendo Game Boy Color on their store. The digital version will be priced at £10.00, while the physical version will be offered at £45.00. Powerball narrates a high-stakes event in the life of a transformed young man deeply in love with a princess. Facing opposition from the King, who intends to marry the princess off to a wealthy prince, the young man undergoes a magical transformation due to the King’s incantation. Now a monstrous being, the young man pins his hopes on winning the Powerball to prove his worth and rescue his beloved from the King’s machinations. The narrative raises the question of whether love can prevail over adversity.

Key Features:

  • Powerball: Essential for the transformed man to reunite and prove himself.
  • Challenge: The man’s only chance to defeat the King and win back his love.
  • King’s Opposition: The force behind the transformative curse, opposing their union.
  • Love’s Triumph: Explores the central theme question amid the King’s schemes and the man’s quest for reunion.

The physical version of the game is compatible with Game Boy Color, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Analogue Pocket. It includes a cartridge, a case, a box, and an instruction outlet.

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