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Good WiFi has almost become a basic necessity of life these days. And the more we are at home, the more important WiFi is for video calling, gaming and streaming, even if that happens at the same time. Fortunately, this is possible, namely by getting internet from every socket in the house; from the game room in the basement to your workplace in the attic. One parent has a video meeting in the attic, the other gives an online presentation at the kitchen table, while the kids are homeschooling (okay, or secretly gaming or Netflix). We use more and more WiFi devices at home, and our expectations of a stable and fast home network are at an all-time high.

Powerline internet does not get the WiFi signal from the router (so data is not sent via the air), but via the electricity network in the house. You simply plug the adapter into the socket and turn it into a WiFi hotspot with the push of a button. So you are not bothered by obstacles such as insulated walls, ceilings with underfloor heating, or other devices which might cause interference. Plus, it doesn’t matter how far away your device is from the router. This way everyone in the house has a good WiFi signal, always and everywhere.

For perfect WiFi reception anywhere in the house, Powerline kits are now also equipped with Mesh function. This allows multiple WiFi access points installed in different rooms to form one integrated WiFi network. Other modern features such as Access Point Steering, Client Steering, Band Steering, Airtime Fairness and Beamforming ensure that every paired device is connected to the best possible WiFi connection. So suppose you walk through the house with your phone, then the nearest WiFi spot automatically sends the WiFi signal to your device.

The new Magic 2 WiFi 6 from devolo integrates the latest Powerline technology with modern Mesh WiFi, and is also suitable for WiFi 6. This new standard makes even more efficient use of available frequencies for faster and more stable wireless internet.

The Starter Kit, consisting of two adapters, is now available for 239.90 euros. The Multiroom Kit is suited for larger rooms, and comes with three adapters for 399.90 euros. If you want to expand the network at a later time, you can purchase an additional adapter for 179.90 euros.

Find out more information on the Magic 2 WiFi 6 at the official devolo website! (in Dutch)

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