Pre-expansion event now live on World of Warcraft

Pre-expansion event now live on World of Warcraft

Today, Blizzard Entertainment has announced the start of the Shadowlands Scourge Invasion, part two of the pre-expansion event to prepare its players for the next expansion Shadowlands that will launch on November 23.

As Sylvanas Windrunner shattered the Lich King’s Helm of Domination, the restless Scourge have begun to wreak havoc all over Azeroth. The champions from both the Horde and Alliance factions are called upon to face this new threat. In part one, players got introduced to the new level cap of 50, which will be increased to level 60 in Shadowlands. Even more, a new zone called Exile’s Reach has been added. This area is now the starting base of new players as it has its own story and an introduction to the game’s core elements. With the new expansion also comes new customization options, which could already be explored.

Now, with the second part of the event, players are able to start some quests to venture closer to the Scourge and help their faction to push back these forces. Daily quests will be available together with a whopping 20 rare elites that can drop some sweet loot for the new adventure that awaits. Blizzard also released a story trailer on the Scourge event that has gone live now. You can check it out below this post.

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