Pre-order Bioshock Infinite on Steam and get XCOM for free

Pre-order Bioshock Infinite on Steam and get XCOM for free

If you’re planning and getting Bioshock Infinite next week but you don’t know what platform to get it on, or you weren’t going to pre-order, Steam has 3 things that it wants to share with you.

If you pre-order Bioshock Infinite on Steam then not only will you get the free Industrial Revolution Pack. Three gear items, 500 bonus in-game currency, five lock picks as well as the Industrial Revolution puzzle game. This is available to anyone who has pre-ordered the game.

BI Industrial Revolution

If you pre-order on Steam you get a free copy of the Original Bioshock, if you already have a copy of the game you can gift this copy to a friend.

Seven exclusive Team Fortress 2 items, only available to those who pre-purchase Bioshock Infinite through Steam.

  • Vox Diabolus
  • The Pounding Father
  • Blind Justice
  • The Person in the Iron Mask
  • The Doe-Boy
  • The Sydney Straw Boat
  • The Steel Songbird

A free copy of the critically acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and if you already own a copy of this great game why not gift it to one of your sad misbegotten friends?



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