Pre-registration started for Elyon’s new Paladin class

Pre-registration started for Elyon’s new Paladin class

Kakao Games and Bluehole Studio have announced the pre-registration for Elyon’s new Paladin class. This new class will be joining the game’s class roster on May 25th.

As part of a major upcoming update for Elyon, the new Paladin class will be added, introducing brand-new strategic gameplay. Wielding a Sword and Shield, the Paladin is a melee fighter that uses the Light attribute, With the power of Auras, they can swap between a Support and a Tank role so they can adapt to whatever situation they come across.

Ahead of the addition of the Paladin class, players can now receive an exclusive free outfit as part of the pre-registration period by signing up for the game’s newsletter. By subscribing before May 25th, 08:00 UTC, you will receive an exclusive helmet, armor, and cloak for your new Paladin. You can pre-register by simply accessing your account page and enabling the newsletter setting. New players can tick the option to receive newsletters during account creation.

For the latest information on Elyon, you can visit Elyon’s official site here. Check out the new Paladin class in the brand-new trailer dedicated to this new class. You can watch it below this post.

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