Preorders for Sennheiser’s ACCENTUM Wireless headphones start today!

Preorders for Sennheiser’s ACCENTUM Wireless headphones start today!

Sennheiser has taken the wireless headphone experience to new heights with the introduction of the ACCENTUM Wireless headphones. This exceptional audio device promises a remarkable fusion of extraordinary features and world-class sound, all at an impressive price point. At the heart of the ACCENTUM Wireless lies Sennheiser’s mythical acoustics, combined with the serenity of Hybrid Active Noise Canceling technology. This combination makes the ACCENTUM a must-have for consumers who prioritize superior audio performance in their wireless headphones. The 37mm dynamic transducers have been finely tuned to deliver an exhilarating sound experience, boasting extraordinary bass performance and striking clarity. Moreover, the acoustic characteristics have been optimized to deliver wide ANC performance. Through a blend of passive isolation and roofed microphones targeting both low and high frequencies, the outside world’s cacophony is dramatically reduced.

The ACCENTUM Wireless offers more options than ever for consuming content, putting you in control. Thanks to Bluetooth® 5.2 and multipoint connectivity, you have the flexibility to choose how you engage with your audio. The ACCENTUM supports the aptX™ HD codec, ensuring exceptional audio quality that rivals wired headphones, while also supporting AAC and SBC codecs for a seamless experience on various Bluetooth-enabled devices. One of the standout features of the ACCENTUM is its impressive battery life. On a single battery charge, these headphones can run for up to 50 hours, and in a pinch, a 10-minute “fast charge” offers an additional 5 hours of listening time—perfect for a quick break or a coffee refill. Additionally, the included USB-C charging cable allows for wired use when needed. This dual functionality helps reduce electronic waste and ensures a sustainable approach to technology.

The ACCENTUM is not limited to content consumption; it’s equipped with two built-in microphones and a wind reduction mode to streamline phone calls. Adjustable side-tone and advanced signal processing make conversations feel natural, minimizing background distractions. Multipoint connectivity seamlessly switches between active wireless connections, catering to a dynamic and connected lifestyle. With an intuitive 4-button layout and an optional accompanying smartphone app—Smart Control—the ACCENTUM’s functions are at your fingertips. The app allows for seamless management of Bluetooth connections and functions, including experimenting with the 5-band EQ. The ACCENTUM’s design mirrors the successful MOMENTUM 4 Wireless, featuring a compact, foldable design for ergonomic comfort and a cohesive look across the headphone series.

The ACCENTUM Wireless headphones will be available in black and white with sandstone accents. Pre-orders for the black color version will commence on September 26, 2023, with deliveries starting from October 4. The white variant will be available for shipping starting in late November. Both models can be purchased at select retailers and Sennheiser’s official site. The ACCENTUM Wireless headphones are priced at €179.90, offering an exceptional blend of advanced technology and affordability to audiophiles and enthusiasts.

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