Primordials of Amiryon coming 2020

Primordials of Amiryon coming 2020

Publisher Wiregames, in association with Developer GD Entertainment, both from Zagred, Croatia, announce the arrival of Primordials of Amiryon, the all-new-tug-of-war multiplayer online battle arena, coming to PC in 2020. It features upgradeable Primordials, champions, minions, and more. Primordials of Amiryon charges players with commanding a large scale 1v1 battle and employing various strategies to crush opposing players in unique tug-of-war gameplay that emphasizes macro over micro.

Primordials of Amiryon is a tug-of-war multiplayer online battle arena where players rule kingdoms and build armies to war for ever greater power. “One will rise, Many will fall”. Compete in 1v1 duels against other Primordials and their armies, simultaneously balancing resource management while choosing upgrade paths for buildings, champions and minions to gain key advantages on the battlefield. While even the greatest Primordial may not control every unit on the battlefield, some have abilities and ultimates that can turn the tide of war.

For more information, be sure to check out their official website, here. Or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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