Prismata Founder’s Edition DLC – Review
Follow Genre: Strategy Card Game
Platform: PC/MAC
Publisher: Lunarch Studios
Developer: Lunarch Studios
Tested on: MAC

Prismata Founder’s Edition DLC – Review

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Good: New storyline episodes, New costumisation options, New expert difficulty
Bad: Gameplay remains the same
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After a remarkable evolution process, Lunarch Studios finally released their first project Prismata. The development took couple of years, which resulted in a very decent strategy card game. With huge amount of content, pleasant gameplay and a futuristic look the game proved to be a worthy contender in his genre. Now Lunarch Studios offer players the Founder’s Edition DLC to expand their experience with the game.

The main portion of this DLC consists of the remaining episodes that unravel the story of Prismata. In the first free episode from the base game, Swade and his friends encounter a terrible virus that turns every machine into an uncontrollable entity. From there the DLC unlocks episode two and three that relate to the offspring of the virus and monitor the actions of Swade to help the world. Episode four and five are also unlocked but they are still in development and will drop in the fall of 2018.

For the campaign the expert difficulty will be introduced for every episode. After completing the whole episode, the new difficulty will be unlocked. After completing the episode on expert, you’ll receive an expert medal. With these medals you can unlock a bonus mission in the episode for special content.

Beside the episodes, the DLC offers lots of items to customise your units and improve your progress in the game. Unfortunately this content doesn’t expand the firm base of the existing gameplay but is more aesthetic. Also the graphics and sound are still the same as the base game.

Despite the lack of changes in the gameplay section, the DLC offers a variety of currency, emotes, a digital art book, the digital soundtrack and the Golden Pass. The Golden Pass will give the player that extra reward when playing in ranked matches to improve your progress.

In Prismata you have different types of currency: Shards, Omnipower and Power cores. With shards you can buy skin sets for your units, emotes and avatars. Omnipower and Power cores can be collected as rewards from ranked matches. These cores can be dragged into a chest, which gives you the access to rare skins and emotes. This sounds like the known “Loot Box” method but Lunarch Studios added a mini card game to obtain those rewards.

Regarding which core is used, you’ll see your possible rewards with an amount of points underneath it. After you play the card game you’ll have enough points to pick a few rewards so you’ll have to choose wisely.


The new episodes and the new difficulty option are a great addition to the main story. With the extra currency you can buy lots of customisation items and with the Golden Pass you’ll progress much easier. Despite all the content and effort it doesn’t add anything new to the gameplay, which is unfortunate.


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Rating: 6.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Prismata Founder's Edition DLC - Review, 6.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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