Prodigy Tactics – Review
Follow Genre: Turn-based, tactical, RPG
Developer: Forever Entertainment
Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Prodigy Tactics – Review

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Enter the battlefield with a team of legends. In the endless battle for Mana, you’ll not be alone. You are aided by the powerful guardians who can restore the peace in Thasys. Prodigy tactics, the new turn based tactical strategy game from Forever Entertainment S.A. makes a great addition to the genre while also bringing in new elements. After almost a year in early access testing it is now live on steam as a full game. Time to dig deeper in this beautiful tactical game.


It is the world of Thasys, the world is scarce of the life-giving force called Mana. Since everyone relies on this force to survive, the lands are all in peril as all the magical creatures are fighting for these last scraps of the force. But in some distant places, there are mythical creatures who are sleeping an ageless slumber. In their hearts, you’ll find the original source of Mana. The problem is that these creatures must be awoken from their slumber. You will guide a team of heroes that are the witnesses of the dying world. You will need to save this world. YOU ARE THE PRODIGY.

This information is really what you get by just reading the “back cover” of the game. When starting the game, you are thrown immediately into combat. The rest of the story is told here and there but this isn’t what makes this game so desirable.


The graphics are gorgeous from the start. This isn’t really that surprising since it was made by the unreal engine 4. For the people out there with a bad GPU. This game will lose that effect. It will become slow and pixelated. But when you do have the specs to play this game on max settings, you will be blown away by the details in every aspect of the game. The heroes each have their own quirks in their design and are all unique. when your heroes attack, you’ll see moves with finesse and flair while also being very fluid in execution.

What makes all of this that surprising is that the game was made by an indie company, but when looking at the output they delivered, you could be fooled to thinking this was made by a major gaming company. Not only is the quality of your heroes and guardians that gorgeous, the arenas you’ll battle in as well. They each complement each other while also being distinct and unique.


The sound isn’t much of a great addition of the game. It is more of a complement on the graphics and battle scenes but doesn’t steal the show. The sound effects of the attacks, swings, spells and movements are spot on and make you fall in deeper into the game. It sucks you in after you went through the slow pacing tutorial.


As mentioned before, this game is a turn-based RPG, but instead of going the old way and just use the same mechanics as the other turn-based RPGs, Prodigy tactics turns over a new leaf and incorporates new factors that makes this game unique. While most games have the normal traps on the battlefield, Prodigy Tactics like to bring this to a whole new level.

The game is a classic, turn-based combat RPG. This makes it very easy to play if you are used to this genre of games. With its grid based mechanics, it’s easy to learn but hard to master. Also, there is the positive or negative side (whatever you prefer) of the battles. The tutorial is rather slow and, in the beginning, especially, you’ll need time and patience in the early battles, as the pacing is very slow. Now it says that this is a positive and negative thing. Most people like to take their time and a battle is never over in minutes, but if you want it to move along a little faster, you’ll have to struggle through the first two hours of the game.

The unique extras on the battlefield are the Harmony and Dissonance system. This mechanic is unseen in the genre and brings the genre to a new level. These tiles on the battlefield are not to be overlooked. These will make the fight that much easier, but at the same time could the give you a hard time.

The Harmony abilities are what they call the safer bets. They do consistent damage and have no noticeable negative effects. The problem is that you can’t use these when your hero is standing on a Dissonance Tile. So, you’ll need to plan your every move while also keeping up with the changes in the game.

The Dissonance abilities are the exact opposite of the Harmony abilities. They fluctuate from low damage to high damage, usually have a better range, but all of this is at a cost. When performing a Dissonance ability, you’ll create a Dissonance tile. These will spread across the battlefield and will accumulate over time. This phenomenon will create two negative effects for the player.

Like we said before, Harmony abilities can’t be used on these tiles. This will make it more difficult for you to play out your tactics, as you must pay attention on how the tiles are moving. This could certainly alter the way you play.

The second negative thing these tiles bring are the risk of a Dissonance explosion. Now this is as terrifying as it sounds. This event that will happen with a lot of Dissonance tiles on the battlefield and it clears the side on the board where the explosion happens. This explosion does sealed damage to every hero on the battlefield based on the number of tiles the explosion accumulates.

Prodigy Tactics has single player mode, aka campaign, and multiplayer. The multiplayer speaks for itself that you’ll have to battle other players and defeat their team of heroes. The single player mode is partly the story mode, (which isn’t that great story wise), and Bastion. Bastion is the grinding mechanism of the game. You get to go through numerous waves of monsters to level your characters.


Overall, Prodigy Tactics is a nice addition in the genre of Tactical, turn-based RPGs, that shouldn’t be overlooked by the people. If you’re into these types of games, don’t miss out. The graphics alone will make the purchase worth it. On the other side, if you’re not a fan of turn-based games, this game will not draw you into the genre as it is slow paced in the first couple of hours and it takes a lot of battles to get used to the different mechanics of the game.




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Prodigy Tactics - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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