Project Genom is now in Early Access

Project Genom is now in Early Access

A lot of games want to give players a seamless world to boost the lifelike experience. Project Genom is a MMORPG that gives you this feeling, created with Unreal Engine 4. Gamers who have gotten Early Access can start playing since today.

There seems to be a new leveling system as well. You will be able to change your internal organs, which gives you three options: remain human, become synthetic or change into a mutant.

These are some of the features you can expect when upgrading a character:

  • Every organ system opens access to active and passive skills for a human, a mutant or a synthetic. But to get these skills, a player needs to invest certain points.
  • These points are accumulated when installing a particular implant that a player will be able to develop and replace, gaining more points and, thus, more skills.
  • Besides, there will be diseases in the game. When traveling around the world, every player may catch a disease. It affects an organ and begins to gradually block active and passive skills dependent on this organ, putting different effects on a character. If you can’t find a cure, the disease will progress, affecting more organs, which can eventually destroy the whole organism.
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Faster than lightning

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  1. Zeroxio
    January 13, 2017, 23:01

    I’ve played the game for a couple of hours, and the only real glitches I encountered were that some enemies didn’t always show attack animations during combat, as well as a dialog option not working, All in all I have to say that it’s a fun game, if only a tad overpriced for it’s current state.

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