Project Nimbus – Preview Update
Follow Genre: Shoot'em up, Action, Indie
Developer: GameCrafterTeam
Publisher: Kiss ltd
Platforms: PC, Mac
Tested on: PC

Project Nimbus – Preview Update

Good: optimizations, a lot of new missions, new Battleframes
Bad: control remapping not working (yet)
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It’s been a long time coming since we took a look at Project Nimbus. The game has been in Early Access for quite some time, but it seems that the developers are really listening to all of the comments they’ve been getting. In this short post we’ll take a look at what has changed, what improved and what still needs improvements. The full Preview can be found right here on our website.

project nimbus

A lot has changed since our preview of Project Nimbus. Quite a few complaints have been looked at and were fixed accordingly, a big chunk of new content has also been added to the game, lengthening its play time for quite a bit.

First of all, the annoying controls have been (sort of) taken care of. The game now features a key binding system in the main menu (not on the pause menu in game) where you can change all of the controls, both for keyboard and controller. However, the functionality is there but it doesn’t seem to work completely yet. Hopefully this will be fixed soon so players can rebind to their likings.

Another big improvement is performance. As we said in our preview, the game had quite a bit of trouble at times and tends to drop a lot of frames. Due to a patch, the performance increased quite a bit and the game runs pretty smooth most of the time now, which is a must for when it fully releases. The game runs at a steady 60 FPS in almost all missions, there’s still some rare moments where it drops just a little bit though, but not as much to the point where it’s visually disturbing.

UDK 2016-03-27 21-20-04-27

More changes have been made, including balancing and tweaks here and there. The locking mechanism for missiles has been greatly upped in speed, as well as some hitbox issues with various weapons. Overall, these changes might not seem big but they’re a big contribution to gaming pleasure.

Of course, the biggest updates are the addition of more Battleframes, weapons and missions to play. These are by far the most important updates to the game as they provide more content, versatility and pleasure. Act I and Act II are as good as completed now, with all missions available in those acts, and some missions are really impressive and challenging like the last one in Act II. It also seems that the more recent updates are getting better and better, with more fun missions, better dialogues, better sound effects and more. Hopefully, future missions and Acts will be even better than before.


Project Nimbus has come a long way since we last looked at it. A lot of patches and updates were made to the game to make it more stable, bigger, more fun and lengthier. A lot of complaints were also addressed like performance issues and the biggest of all: keybinds, although this doesn’t seem to be fully functional yet. Hopefully Project Nimbus¬†will keep progressing in this trend and become a very successful game at the end of its Early Access period.

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