Project Scarlett announced for holidays 2020

Project Scarlett announced for holidays 2020

Everyone is expecting the newest generation of consoles to release in the upcoming years. Now, Microsoft has revealed some info on their new console with the announcement of Project Scarlett at the Microsoft E3 press conference.

The new console is said to reduce loading times to a minimum. A new type of SSD will be used in this new console that will serve as virtual RAM memory. Zen 2 and Navi technology of AMD will be used. We can be expecting more information about Zen 2 and the Navi technology from AMD in August. The console will also be using real-time ray tracing that offers a better way of rendering light and shadows. Graphically speaking, Project Scarlett will use GDDR6 and it should be four times powerful than the Xbox One X and should show 120 FPS in 8K with HDMI 2.1! All this couldn’t go without one of the Xbox exclusive franchises, so the new Project Scarlett will be released together with an all-new Halo game called: Halo Infinite!

You can see all this and more in the trailer below

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