Project Winter is getting some chill updates

Project Winter is getting some chill updates

It’s always fun to see a game that is in Early Access or in beta evolve from what it has been. The developers at Other Ocean are proud to introduce their gamers to a batch of new items. Some items include:

  • Truth Serum: Confirm if your fellow player is a friend or foe! Find the Professor’s Lab and work together to activate the consoles, gain access to the serum, and reveal a player’s true role as either a Survivor or Traitor.
  • Survivor Airdrops: An emergency airdrop for the survivors! This airdrop will spawn when there are 2 survivors left in a game with 7-8 players, or will spawn when there is 1 player left in games of 5-6 players. The survivor airdrop will have repair supplies, survival supplies, and guns to help the remaining survivors reach their rescue point!
  • Ghost Mode Overhaul: Teleport between living players, locate any traps that are placed, and switch between radios to hear the remaining player’s conversations. Become a fly on the wall after you kick the bucket!
  • Hot Spring Overhaul: Both Survivors and Traitors can take a relaxing dip in the hot springs for some surprising effects!
  • Language Update: Project Winter has added Portuguese to their list of available languages in game!

Other key features include:

  • Escape to Survive– As a survivor among a group of strangers, you will have to collect resources, battle the elements and complete a series of tasks to call in one of several rescue vehicles.
  • Hidden Roles– Among the group of survivors lurk hidden traitors who are selected at random. The traitors are known to each other but not the survivors. Their goal is to stop the survivors from escaping without being identified and killed.
  • Teamwork – Survivors cannot escape unless they work together. Players who wander off on their own will have difficulty surviving the elements, can fall victim to hostile wildlife, or become easy targets for the traitors.
  • Communication– There are several ways to communicate with other players, including proximity-based voice chat, private voice chat radio channels, text chat, and emotes. Communication is vital if the survivors have any hope of completing their tasks and defending against the traitors.
  • Betrayal & Deception– The traitors are outnumbered and weak when the game begins. They may infiltrate the survivors and earn their trust while they build up their strength. Survivors can never be 100% sure of who to trust. The traitors can take advantage of this by spreading lies and setting the survivors against each other.
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