PS4 exclusive ‘Where the Heart Is’ coming this winter of 2020

PS4 exclusive ‘Where the Heart Is’ coming this winter of 2020

Where the Heart Is, a surreal narrative about one man’s journey home through a lifetime of choices, is coming home to PlayStation 4 this coming winter of 2020 thanks to the AAA veterans at Armature Studio.

One stormy night, mild-mannered Whit Anderson tumbles down a mysterious sinkhole on the family farm. As moments of his life play out in a dreamlike haze, explore these vignettes, making hundreds of choices to change the course of his life. What could Whit have done to be a better partner? What if he had supported his brother, rather than shun him? What life lies in wait at the end of a different road?

Directed and conceived by Armature Studio co-founder Todd Keller (lead artist for Metroid Prime), Where the Heart Is emerges from an all-star team of veteran developers, including Beth Foster (senior artist for Metroid Prime) and Scott Eaton (art manager for God of War).

Check out the game’s trailer down here!

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“Keep your friends close, but your memes even closer”.

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