PS5 – What new technology to expect from the June 11 launch?

PS5 – What new technology to expect from the June 11 launch?

It’s finally here – the moment the whole PlayStation community, as well as the whole gaming community in general, has been waiting for: the release of PlayStation 5. And we do have the right to expect some news from Sony because it’s been well over six years since the company has released its flagship PS4.

The original announcement date was set to June 4, however, due to the massive social uproar in the United States over the murder of George Floyd, Sony decided to postpone the online event in order for the “more important voices to be heard.” And just recently, the company has updated the announcement page with a new date on June 11, 1:00 PM PDT.

Now, the gaming community is already steeped with various speculations and predictions about the internal specs and the outer shell of the console, as well as what it will cost when it’s finally there in Fall 2020. So, in this article, we’ll go through every important detail that we know, as well as what we don’t know about PS5.

Things we know for sure

So, the first part of our review is going to be the details that either Sony has provided at some point or the things that the community is certain about. The first obvious choice is the CPU and GPU, obviously.

You’ll get amazing graphics

As Sony itself discloses, the new PlayStation 5 will rock some of the most recent and powerful AMD hardware within its shell. When it comes to the CPU, PS5 will have a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU with the clock speed of 3.5GHz. As for the GPU, there will be a significant change from the previous model as there will be a transition from the Ryzen line to the Navi GPU line.

Another great feature that you’re going to love is “Ray Tracing.” If you’re a gamer, you know Nvidia’s GTX video cards that produce real-life illumination effects. This feature makes the content look very photo-realistic, as well as gorgeous to the eye. And now, AMD’s exclusive GPU in PS5 will also bring “Ray Tracing” right to your fingertips.

Moving aside from technical terms, what this means is that the PS5 games will look much more beautiful. And with the help of the also-new Unreal Engine 5 – which is apparently using a brand-new triangle technology, – you can be sure that you’re in for a crazy ride.

You’ll be able to stream online content in 8K

The addition of the new CPU-GPU setup from AMD is not only going to improve the gaming performance but it’ll also allow you to stream third-party content at a whopping 8K resolution. In fact, the new computing setup in PS5 is firing up a new trend in online gaming.

This trend is apparent in Norwegian online casinos that push the new type of iGaming experience that is solely designed for gaming consoles. The so-called norske casino sider are urging its developers to create new graphics-intensive games that can potentially “steal” console customers without separating them from their devices.

The new SSD will load games much faster

One of the biggest issues of PS4 was that it was super-slow in loading the games. The reason for that was its laggy and old-school hard disk drive (HDD). With PS5, Sony is taking yet another huge step towards progress, planting ultra-fast SSDs in the console.

And when it comes to just how fast the games will load, a video demonstration shows that where the old HDD takes about 15 seconds to load “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” the new SSD will reduce that time down to a second. Besides, the base model will come in an increased storage configuration – 825 GB, which is a significant improvement over the 512 GB storage.

You’ll be able to run PS4 games on PS5

This last detail about PS5 is that it is backward compatible, which means that all of those triple-A titles, such as God of War 4, Last of Us, and many more on your new console.

But there’s a catch here: according to Sony, not all PS4 games will be immediately available for PlayStation 5 after its launch. The company estimates the number of supported games to be around 2.5% of all 4,000+ games.

Things we still don’t know

Despite the above-mentioned details we know about the new PS5, there is still some substantial information that we’re yet to find out.

The price

The first obvious detail is the price of the console. When PS4 was released back in 2013, its launch price was $399, which was pretty affordable for many gamers.

According to the company, the new console may not be the cheapest gaming device ever as it’ll have to address some of the most advanced features packed within its shell. As the gamer community speculates, the PS5 price will probably reside somewhere between the range of $500 to $600, which is still not going to be super-expensive, especially when you compare the same specs to a gaming PC.

The design of the console

Another substantial feature still unknown to us is the design of PS5. The new Xbox Series X – a direct competitor of PS5 – has this boxy shape that is a drastic change from its predecessor.

We know what the new DualSense controller will look like – and it’s pretty impressive, in my opinion, yet there’s no word or suggestion about the console design.

What games are coming for PS5

Finally, we’re still in a haze when it comes to which exclusives we’re going to see with the new PlayStation 5. The recent Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is announced to come for PS5, yet it’s not exclusive to Sony. Are we going to see the new God of War or Uncharted any time soon? No one knows for sure.

But the things we know far outweigh the ones that are still uncertain. And again, we’re in for a big ride!

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