Publisher Kwalee showcases their 2023 line-up

Publisher Kwalee showcases their 2023 line-up

British developer and publisher Kwalee has plenty of fun in store for gamers this year, and since it’s still January they put their upcoming titles in a row for those interested to have a look at. Obviously, we were more than eager to do just that! Some of these we’ve already mentioned in previous news installments, while others are brand new.

Rhythm shooter Robobeat awards points based on how well you can shoot down enemies to the beat. First-person action with an exciting soundtrack to back you up, this game is coming to PC later this year.

Space Chef is a game all about building the best restaurant… in space. This open-world action/cooking adventure game can be enjoyed alone or with up to three friends joining you and tries to offer a healthy mix between resource gathering and a restaurant simulator. It’s an interesting mix for sure.

If you still want to play with friends but prefer more survival gameplay compared to restaurant building, then Wildmender is for you. In this game, you set out to repair the environment in a world that has been destroyed by climate change. It has a more relaxing, adventure game atmosphere and can be enjoyed with up to four players in online co-op if surviving together sounds more fun than alone.

Last but certainly not least, Die by the Blade is a unique fusion of fast-paced, sword-fighting action with dynamic one-hit-kill combat, diverse weapon playstyles, and online multiplayer. The large collection of weapons available in this game keeps you on your toes and always discovering something new, be it against NPC or during 1v1 online matches.

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