Pure Farming 2018 – Review
Follow Genre: Simulator
Developer: Ice Flames
Publisher: Techland
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Pure Farming 2018 – Review

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Pure Farming 2018 is one of the more recent simulators released for people who are enjoying heavy labour and grinding fields all day. Just kidding, you are sitting behind a desk playing this game, there will be no heavy labour for you except a bunch of mouse clicks. But it won’t spoil any fun, because this hardcore grinding game will give you one of the best gaming experiences to see if you can build and manage a REALLY big farm.


A lot of simulators don’t really have a story, but Pure farming is one of the exceptions. Because you start out with sort of a cutscene where you’ll get a bit of the background story of the events in the years that have passed. Your grandpa was the last one to work this land, but he lost a lot of money and didn’t find a successful heir to take over his business and that’s where you come in, he left you a small farmhouse, a few sheds, silos and a field. Now it is your turn to rebuild it, as well as possible and make this farm great again!


The graphics in this game are of a mixed quality in our opinion. Because when you look at the machinery, you’ll think that this game is very well made, but when you look at the background of the landscape, your excitement fades because it looks like crap. Nonetheless, for a simulator, it looks pretty decent.

Also, the animations in this game are very well done, the amount of dirt on the machinery and cars increases while you use them. What makes it feel much more realistic. When you plough a field, you actually see every piece shift beneath you in the ground. So overall, very well done.


We hope you like country songs because you’ll hear them a lot when you ride your machinery. When you ride in your car you have your own playlist which you can change to some music you like. Also, every movement you make or every action you undertake has the proper sound attached to it, what makes the immersion of the game a little more in-depth.


Pure Farming 2018 is, like we said before, a simulator game. It is sort of a  sandbox where you can build a farm and manage it. When you open your menu, you’ll get a few choices to choose from. There is my first farm mode, the farming challenges mode and the free farming mode.

The tutorial is very in-depth and useful throughout the entire game, what made it not so hard to get the hang of it. Don’t start this game if you are not into grinding, because if you want to clear a field perfectly, what is necessary, you will need at least twenty minutes for it. Besides that, there will be many more tasks on your checklist. Because this title does not only feature harvesting it also features the caretaking and breeding of animals! Which is a nice addition to the game.

Pure Farming 2018 has two other modes that are for more experienced players. Farming challenges are for players who don’t want to spend days building their farm. However, within those challenges, you’ll get to experience every aspect of what Pure Farming 2018 has to offer. Everything is just presented in mini-challenges like ploughing fields, taking care of farm animals, etc. Free farming allows you to start your farm with an unlimited amount of money, so you can proceed much more quickly in the direction that you are the fondest of.

The controls are very easy to use because they are just keys from your keyboard, you only need to use them at the right time, because otherwise, your machinery will sometimes go slower if you forget to turn the ‘work’ mechanics off when you leave a field. You also have a huge amount of variation in different machines which are used for specific tasks on your farm. The length of the daytime is completely up to you, do you want to set it real-time go ahead or do you want your day to last 5 minutes, you choose!

This title allows the use of mods, which is fun for those who want to get more out of the game than simply sticking to the basic tasks of a farmer or the equipment the base game has to offer. Of course, with the many mods out there, we can’t guarantee how well these will work, or how these will heighten your experience.


Pure Farming 2018 will certainly let you live the dream of becoming the perfect digital farmer, with all the ups and downs connected to this somewhat disregarded profession. The game has in-depth mechanics, with a lot of different things to do on your farm and a lot of different modes to try out. The country music on the background is a nice touch and the graphics of the things that really matter in this game are gorgeous. But the game is certainly not for everyone, because you like it or you just really don’t. But make sure to give it a try if you are into simulators, it is certainly a fun one if you’re into farming simulators.

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