Pureya Announced for Release on PC, iOS & Android


If collecting and stepping on LEGOs wasn’t painful enough while your 6-year-old toddler laughs at you in the background, then maybe a series of fun minigames of marble collecting might clear your mood. Developer Majoriariatto announced today that Pureya, a collection of fun minigames will be launching on PC and mobile devices. The launch is set to be on the 26th of March.

Each minigame has a round time limit of 10-seconds where the player has to collect as many marbles as possible. At the end of each round, players can spend the collected marbles to unlock new games, skins, and even collectibles. The game has a diverse difficulty level for all players who can simply marble their way into the game with its fast-paced theme.

Key Features:

  • More than 30 10-second minigames
  • Unlock new minigames, skins, and more than 250 collectibles in the pachinko machine
  • Simple 2-button controls and dynamic difficulty for players of all skill levels
  • Master every minigame in Endless Mode or replay favorites in the game library
  • Original dynamic soundtrack by Alejandro Maciá
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