Put your survival skills to the test in Kingdom of Fallen, out now

Put your survival skills to the test in Kingdom of Fallen, out now

Digital Souls has announced the arrival of Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand, a gripping hybrid of survival and Soulslike genres. In Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand, players awaken in a cursed realm, teetering on the brink of life and death, only to discover their daughter missing amidst an aura of malevolence. Do they surrender to despair or rise to the challenge of survival? This existential question lies at the heart of the game, challenging players to craft their own tools of resilience while navigating treacherous landscapes. Unlike traditional action games, Kingdom of Fallen emphasizes preparation over brute force. Players must not only defeat adversaries but also harness resources to fashion superior armor, weapons, and shelter. The game rewards resourcefulness and strategic thinking, inviting players to explore diverse environments teeming with unique materials and opportunities for innovation.

Key Features:

  • Stepping Into Darkness: Traverse varied environments, each offering distinct resources for crafting weapons and armor. From deep dungeons yielding iron ores to beaches rich in flint, exploration is essential for survival and progression.
  • Enigmatic Ghouls: Encounter a plethora of foes, from deadly knights to inscrutable wraiths. Confront formidable bosses requiring careful engagement with the crafting system to overcome.
  • Modulate Your Difficulty: Tailor the challenge to your preferences by crafting better equipment. Whether a boss appears insurmountable or just the right level of difficulty is entirely up to the player.
  • Fatherhood: Embark on a quest not only to reunite with your daughter but also to unravel the mysteries of this cursed realm. Delve into existential questions as you navigate the perilous path toward truth and redemption.

Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand invites both seasoned Soulslike veterans and newcomers to immerse themselves in its dark fantasy world and compelling narrative. The game is now available on Steam.

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