Puzzle Combat Out Now For IOS & Android

Puzzle Combat

Developer Zynga Inc. together with subsidiary Small Giants Games, are happy to announce Puzzle Combat, a new mobile match-3 action RPG game where players recruit heroes, build bases and compete in PvP-battles. The game has a zombie-themed setting, where players would be given the opportunity to recruit spies, medics, demolition experts, and more to fight on their side. Each type of profession will bring unique special attacks into the fray of battle. Recruitment is not the only option to fortify one’s army versus the walking dead. Players can also build their bases by upgrading diverse buildings like foundries, workshops, and more.

Puzzle Combat is available now on both the Google Play and App Stores.

Key features:

  • More than 200 unique heroes for players to collect and upgrade.
  • Fast-paced match-3 action with special attacks unlocked by matching similar tiles in unique combinations.
  • Base-building designed to train your recruits into heroes, farm for food, mine metals, craft critical battle items and more.
  • Extensive PvP raid seasons with valuable rewards.
  • Cooperative alliance game modes to dismantle powerful war machines, attack rivals in team battles and dominate in team events.
  • Social features, such as global and alliance chats, allow players to exchange tactics and form teams to achieve the next level of gameplay.
  • Limited time events to earn unique rewards and compete against other players.
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