Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Puzzle
Developer: Liquid Flower
Publisher: Digital Tribe
Platforms: PC

Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube – Review

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Bad: Repetitive level design, no storyline
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Inspired by games such as Portal and Minecraft, Liquid Flower delivers an atmospheric first person puzzle platformer that is based on their student project. Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube is a refined version of that student project and has all the goodness from before with even more features that make the game even more enjoyable.

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There is no storyline in Qbeh-1 other than you arriving in a mysterious world where you have to gather cubes that may or may not be magical imbued. You need to find your way to the portal that will teleport you to the next level until eventually you reach the Atlas Cube.  Having no background story on the character or the mystical world you’ve entered, leaves it open for the gamer to build his own story.


The environment in Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube is very atmospheric and mysterious at the same time. In the air space of a world that resembles Earth are floating constructions that only exists of cubes. While these constructions seem to be defying gravity, you will not. You are able to fall and witness the beauty that is a very realistic version of today’s skyline. Parts of the visuals in Qbeh-1 such as the previous mentioned skyline and foliage are so lifelike while other materials such as the concrete cubes and sand look far less realistic. However, this does not take away the fact that the graphics are simply stunning.

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The soundtrack adds even more serenity to the already soothing atmosphere of the game and turns it into a harmonious perfection. Those who have played the original game will notice that some tracks are not much different than those from the original game. To maintain a connection with the original game, the tracks have been remixed using different instruments. The newer tracks are less upbeat and evoke a more zen-like energy.


Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube is about exploration and this shows when you get thrown into the first level without any type of explanation. The controls however are so simple that you will instantly know what to do with them. The puzzles are not those where you would stare at for half an hour, trying to figure out what to do. In Qbeh-1, you are required to explore the world in order to continue your journey towards the exit. While the puzzles are not extremely complicated, they’re not always straightforward either. The levels increase in difficulty over time by having new types of blocks, each having their own ability and new means of passing obstacles. However, the level design feels repetitive after a while because there is no storyline to discover.

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Games like these work best with a keyboard but you can make use of the controller if you like. Both the keyboard and controller controls can be changed to fit your own playstyle which is a lovely feature to have in a game that has little to no checkpoints. The checkpoints that are in the game blend in with the scenery nicely but this also causes for you to accidentally miss them. If you do see a totem-like statue, make sure that it has opened and is now glowing as that animation will tell you whether or not the checkpoint has been activated.

Replayability in Qbeh-1 is nihil. You can replay the levels to find any hidden rooms but since the game does not require you to rush through it, you can search for these secrets from the very beginning. Once you’ve come to understand how you need to solve the puzzles in order to advance, you will blitz through it in such a haste that the visuals and sound will get lost if you do decide to replay it. However, the low price tag and hours of pleasant and pure enjoyment you will receive from the game make up for the low replayability.

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Qbeh-1 is the perfect game to wake up to with a morning cup of coffee in your hands or to relax with when you’ve come home from a busy day at school or work. The game is charming, the puzzles are engaging, the visuals are outstanding and the soundtrack is just sublime. It’s hard to tell from the description and screenshots if Qbeh-1 is truly a game for you as it relies heavily on the fact that the gameplay and soundtrack pulls you right in so I advise you to just experience it yourself.

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