Quake Champions is now free to play

Quake Champions is now free to play

If you’ve followed the games that Bethesda published, you might have seen that they would make Quake Champions free for everyone. Well, that day is now. The game will remain in Early Access but don’t fret as new content will be added in the future. The game already received a big overhaul with a new Champion, the Death Knight, new ways to play with bots and many other fun improvements. The developers also provided a roadmap with plans for the future and the upcoming updates. Think about new Champions, new game modes like Capture The Flag, new items and so much more.

The new Champion might ring a bell if you’ve already played Quake 1. He will bring his firepower back to the Arena, so be sure to watch out for his Flame Strike if you don’t want to turn into a crisp snack.

If you want to get your free copy, be sure to check the Steam page. Be aware that you will get access to two playable Champions, but more are available for a fee or if you earn them by spending in-game rewards. Get your game on!

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