QubicGames reveal 5 new titles for Nintendo Switch on 2020

QubicGames reveal 5 new titles for Nintendo Switch on 2020

The Poland based publisher and developer QubicGames revealed today 5 of their upcoming titles for Nintendo Switch. The games included in this reveal are:

• Dex, a cyberpunk infused 2D action-RPG where you can explore, fight, talk and hack your way through dystopia.
• Door Kickers, a real-time strategy game putting you in control of a tactical SWAT team. Plan your attack, choose the right tools and coordinate multiple team members.
• Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, a 3rd person action-adventure hack and slash featuring vicious combat, character customization and free exploration.
• Good Night, Knight; a dynamic stealth-based RPG combined with dungeon crawling, mixing as well procedural generation with hand-made puzzles.
• Real Boxing 2, the debut of the renowned Real Boxing series on Nintendo Switch. It features motion capture from real boxers built around detail-deep Unreal Engine graphics.

In the video are the already-released Tharsis and HyperParasite, which are part of the gamesvcovid initiative, where 20% of all revenue from April to June gets donated to medical services against the current pandemic.

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