R-Type Final 3 Evolved – Review
Follow Genre: Shoot ‘em up
Developer: Granzella Inc.
Publisher: NIS America
Platform: PS5
Tested on: PS5

R-Type Final 3 Evolved – Review

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Shmup games have always been a niche among gamers and the R-Type series is one of the most-known franchises in this genre. Back in the PlayStation 2 era, the end of the series was promised with the arrival of R-Type Final, but the finality of this game was greatly exaggerated when a sequel arrived in 2021. Now another installment has dropped as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, giving Shmup fans a much-needed treat.


A story in a Shmup game is always an afterthought and the same goes for R-Type Final 3 Evolved. There is something about a war with an alien race, but none of it really matters since gamers are here purely for the gameplay experience. The only real cutscene featured in the game is a startup sequence when your spaceship takes off.

For the people who are looking for a bit more, there is an art gallery that provides a bit of information and lore on the enemies and different ships you’ll encounter. None of this is that deep or tells a story, but it is a nice detail for when you want a bit more context around all the shooting.


While R-Type Final 3 Evolved is considered a standalone game, it’s more like an updated version of the previous game. This also means that the graphics haven’t had that big of an overhaul, which is a shame considering that it is a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Although the quality of the graphics isn’t something to write home about, the designs are noteworthy. All the locations, ships, and enemies have unique designs that make every level stand out and feel unique. Together with a bombardment of neon colors, these elements deliver a satisfying visual experience.


A staple of Shmup games is fast-paced energetic gameplay, and R-Type Final 3 Evolved delivers an upbeat soundtrack that goes along with it perfectly. All levels feature an electronic beat that will have your blood pumping all the way through. Not only does it feature some new tracks, but it also returns with the soundtrack of the previous game.


R-Type Final 3 Evolved is the embodiment of a Shmup game, where your main objective is to destroy everything on the screen. The screen moves towards the left while you have to follow and eradicate all the enemies that come your way, collecting power-ups along the way.

The game is split up into a collection of levels, each with a unique location, enemies, and a big boss to beat. You’ll start on your journey with a short startup sequence, presented in first-person, before you’re directly thrown into the action. During these levels, your ship is equipped with a basic shoot attack that can be used in a trigger or burst mode. Along with this normal attack is a missile that can be used after a certain amount of time, acting as a special move.

While you will mostly use these normal attacks, they can be modified with upgrades you find throughout the level. The first of these will give you a smaller AI-controlled ship that will seek out enemies and help you survive. This companion can also be picked up to give you extra firing power or thrown at enemies to have him focus where he is needed. All powerups picked up after your little friend will give you more firepower or turn your attacks into special shots that alter your playstyle. These special attacks range from a beam that you control to a rain of laser beams from the sky. This is where the game shines. The core gameplay feels as good as any Shmup game wishes to be in the modern age. The controls are responsive and you get swept up in the intense gameplay. But while the shooting is fun and feels good, it can get quite repetitive after a few hours, even considering the roster of upgrades.

Another staple of Shmup games that shows its head in R-Type Final 3 Evolved is the one life you have. After your ship takes one hit it’s game over and you’ll be thrown to the previous checkpoint. When you die enough times, you will have to start over again. While the loss of progress is a big bummer after dying, the biggest frustration is losing your upgrades. Once you start again at the checkpoint, your ship is back in its beginning form, which makes the game much harder from that point on. Luckily the game offers a bunch of difficulty options for players who don’t like the big punishment the normal game offers. Likewise, the challenge can be pumped up even more for players that like to punish themselves. This variety of difficulty options is welcome in this type of game since a too-high challenge can turn off new players.

While R-Type Final 3 Evolved is marketed as a brand-new installment, it feels more like an enhanced version of the previous entry. The base of the game, both in gameplay and content is based on R-Type Final 2. The game features the entire campaign of this previous installment and other features like menus, a gallery, and customization options. While most of these elements have had small adjustments and additions, they feel somewhat underwhelming. The biggest new content is a campaign featuring seven brand-new levels with unique locations and enemies. While these new additions are welcome, they don’t mix up the gameplay that much and feel more like an expansion than a standalone experience. Another new feature is the introduction of multiplayer elements, like a hub world and scoreboards. With these additions, the creators want to install a community for the years to come. The sad thing is that none of these multiplayer features are implemented at the time of writing this review and the developers haven’t communicated when they will be added to the game.


R-Type Final 3 Evolved is targeted toward a specific audience of Shmup-enthusiasts. While fans of this genre will definitely get their kick out of this entry, it is less appealing to a broader audience. The tight gameplay and fun presentation are not enough to cover the lack of content, especially since most of it is reused from the previous game. This makes it hard to fully recommend the game to hardcore fans, which is the core audience. This one might be worth checking out later down the line, after a few updates or a lower price, or if you have not played the previous entry.

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R-Type Final 3 Evolved - Review, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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