Racecraft 0.3.0 update coming on the 8th of April‏

Racecraft 0.3.0 update coming on the 8th of April‏

Racecraft has announced that its first major update, numbered 0.3.0. will be releasing this Friday on the 8th of April.

The 2 most important features contained in this update are:

  • Weekly Hotlap Events

Racecraft will generate one special track and people will be able to race on that for weekly events. Each weekly event will start on Friday, the next one being on the 15th of April next on the 22nd of April and so on. These weekly events will also have rankings. Each time you perform a lap you will race against ghosts of the absolute best track lap and your best lap. Racecraft added this mode to start creating some engagement, to add some sort of multiplayer dynamics before the real multiplayer and to give an answer to all who liked to have preset tracks on which they can improve their times lap after lap.

  • A Chase Cam has also been added


We also added support for Steam Controller and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 gamepads, greatly improved the UI, optimized track saving and fixed some other bugs and performance issues.

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