Rad Rodgers – Radical Edition (Switch) – Review
Follow Genre: action, adventure, platformer
Developer: Slipgate Studios
Publisher: HandyGames
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Rad Rodgers – Radical Edition (Switch) – Review

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Good: Typical platform controls
Bad: When you enter the Pixelverse as Dusty and you fail there, Rad could be in dangerous places when you return to him
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We’ve all experienced it as young boys and girls. You are sitting in your room playing your favorite game, and then, that moment comes when your parents tell you to stop playing and go to bed while in the middle of a level. We’ve all experienced it as young boys and girls. This is a story of a young child that gets sucked into his own videogame and gets to kick some ass with his trusty gaming console Dusty.


Rad Rodgers is playing his favorite videogame in his room when his mom comes up and screams that he needs to stop playing, brush his teeth and go to bed. Like every kid, he doesn’t want to, but he still does as commanded. Suddenly, Rad awakes from his sleep and finds his TV turned on including his gaming console. He tries to turn his TV and his gaming console ‘Dusty’ off, but they won’t turn off. Then, he suddenly gets sucked in the TV and ends up inside a videogame. Equipped with a gun, he runs, jumps and shoots his way through the game. Dusty and Rad will constantly communicate with each other when encountering people or collecting items, leading to funny remarks. When you start the game, you can choose for a child-friendly mode or the obscene version with a lot of sexually charged humor. This world is infected by a fierce corruption and it’s up to Rad and Dusty to save the jungle’s inhabitants and restore the Elder Tree as guardian of the land.


The game begins with a nicely-drawn comic-like cutscene. Rad himself is very detailed here and when you enter the game, Rad still looks really good with Dusty on his back. Rad finds himself in the First World, and it looks really good with varied environments. The enemies look great as well, with a distinctive design for each creature. The effects of your weapons look great as well with some special effects added to each weapon. Extra characters coming from other game franchises will be added to your character roster and these all look exactly how they should look.


The voice acting in this game is really good, albeit with a lot of obscenity and sexually charged humor, mostly coming from Dusty the friendly console. For example, he starts in the first cutscene when Rad tries to turn him off, as that would be something for his ex. The game is filled with Dusty’s remarks and these can liven up the game pretty good if you like this type of humor, although it’s a game revolving around an underage kid. The extra characters unlocked while playing the game all have their own voices that sound like they came form the original voice actor. The game itself is filled with some nice easy drum and bass music that won’t bore you at all and also fits perfectly while playing


Rad Rodgers is an action adventure platformer game. This game combines the classic platformer gameplay with other minigames like a pinball machine and levels where you need to get as high as possible on a pogo stuck. These minigames are fun additions to the main gameplay of the normal platformer levels.

The game handles pretty easily as the commands used aren’t that hard to master. You can walk around, jump, shoot with your blaster and perform a special attack. Your primary gun has unlimited ammo and other stronger weapons can be found when you progress through each level. These weapons will temporarily replace your normal weapon. A colored bar on the side of your weapon will indicate your ammo level. When it is fully drained, the gun will disappear and you will regain your normal weapon. Walking into a new weapon will replace your current weapon and that one will be left on the same place. You can pick that one up if you go back when you’ve used up all your ammo as it will stay there the whole time. If you don’t want that one, just walk into the weapon again and it will switch.

Another fun addition to the game is that you can switch characters whenever you want. There are seven playable characters including Rad himself. These other characters come from various other games like Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior. All these characters are fully voiced and have their own characteristic remarks. This can lead to some memorable moments from for example, Duke Nukem. Aside of the voices, they also have their own special attacks, Duke Nukem uses his Mighty Kick while the character of Shadow Warrior uses his Katana to perform a special attack.

Along the way through levels, you’ll encounter portals. Some platforms will be missing in the normal dimension and these portals will allow Dusty to enter the Pixelverse to punch these platforms and other objects to the normal dimension. These can be rocks, platforms and other objects that need to be hit so you can move on. Here you’ll be playing as Dusty and you’ll need to navigate to where these objects are. Hitting edges and moving red objects will drain your pixel power. When it’s fully drained, you’ll return to Rad, lose part of your life and you need to try again.


Rad Rodgers is a really fun platformer with excellent gameplay and many funny moments with all the foul-mouthed comments Dusty provides. It will surely make you laugh. The controls of this game are relatively easy to master as it features classic platformer gameplay. The minigames are a fun addition to the normal platformer levels and can be challenging to try to clear it with the best score. This game can take you back to the time when platformers were the most played games and it totally fits on the Nintendo Switch as it plays well in both handheld and docked mode. If you like playing a game with classic platformer elements combined with a foul-mouthed buddy that will make a lot of sexually charged jokes then this game is definitely worth your money and time!

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Rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Rad Rodgers - Radical Edition (Switch) - Review, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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