Ragnarok Online – Revo-Classic version launching soon

Ragnarok Online – Revo-Classic version launching soon

Some sad news for the Ragnarok Online fans, after 12 years of service Whybe Online is closing up the game servers. Luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel and this light is 4game; the international gaming platform.

European players will now still be able to play Ragnarok Online thanks to 4game.  The platform is also soon launching Ragnarok Online in the Revo-Classic version which is a mix of the best Renewal and pre-Renewal game mechanics. Old school players will remember Ragnarok online mostly for its large scale PvP events and unique graphics that combine 2D and 3D elements.

You are now also able to pre-order Ragnarok Online when purchased you get access to the CBT and get unique bonus items. European players will get a few nice bonuses including promo codes for hair accessories and compensation for active users.

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