Raidfield 2 – Review
Follow Genre: F2P Shooter
Developer: Alphatik Inc
Publisher: Alphatik Inc
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Raidfield 2 – Review

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Good: If it works then it is fun for a few minutes
Bad: Dead servers, Game refuses to connect, Aimbot enemies, Cashgrab
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Sometimes you have games that are popular on the mobile platform due to them being simple, easy to play and free. With Raidfield 2, the developers wanted to share the game by releasing it on PC, yet releasing an unfinished port that is filled to the brim with issues and problems, while not even responding to the community, is a big deal these days. You won’t lose any money as this is a free game, yet those precious minutes of your life will be lost forever.


Raidfield 2 is set during the Second World War where you will play as either Allied or Axis soldiers. This can be done in one of the four maps that are currently available. Each character has a few words that describe them, but for a real story, you will have to look elsewhere. There is absolutely no flow or any scenes nor information surrounding the battles that are fought.


Immediately upon booting the game you will get greeted by the most direct-port screen ever. The simple overlay does make for easy navigation but doesn’t look polished at all. During the gameplay, you will notice simple visuals, not really with any attention to details or elaborate explosions. Because of the simplicity of the graphics, this means that every computer can run this game. Well, that is if you get it working.


In some games, you must rely on your hearing to help you spot enemies, while in Raidfield 2 you can just sit back and relax while listening to the cheesy music that plays on the menu. During matches, there is no music playing, only the sounds of the battlefield. Tanks and planes can be really intimidating but the machinegun fire does have a proper punch to it. The worst part about the sound is when you get hit, it sounds horrible and reminiscent of old shooters.


Raidfield 2 is a free-to-play third-person shooter that has been directly ported from Mobile. Not much positive has been said about this game in the review and that is for one simple reason; it is flawed with various issues that the developers do not want to respond to. At first, the game does not want to connect to the servers, this is an issue that a handful of users have (and is the only discussion on Steam). After a month of waiting for a reply, we gamers are still waiting for a fix. Although the game has received a patch between the first and last try, this issue still perseveres. Strangely this game does run smoothly on another PC that has identical specs while our main rig often did not get the game to run.

Once you manage to get the game working, you will have a wide range of four different maps to play on. These are either in the countryside, with or without vehicles, and a new map that is the landing of Normandy. Because the servers are pretty much empty, you will have to just have fun against the bots. These opponents have the most annoying programming ever, they just use radar and if you get in their range they will instantly lock on you and after a few bullets, you are dead. This means that you will either have to flank and grenade them or use a long-range weapon to snipe them at a safe distance. If you are sick of getting killed all the time, then you could always just hop into a plane or tank to finish them off.

Controlling the game is pretty easy except for the planes. The movement is really simple and jumping over objects is just cartoonish. Using your items is as simple as a keystroke but beware of the item cool-down period. You have bandages for healing, grenades and landmines. You also have a special item like a healing box to heal your friends or anti-tank grenades to take out the pesky tanks. Commanding a tank is really easy and one cool thing is that, while you can destroy houses to take away cover for the soldiers, it will take some time to turn your turret and you will have to wait to line up your shot. Even with the cartoonish setting, this games a realistic touch when controlling a tank. Planes are hell to fly because of the clunky controls that are paired with them.

If you want an edge on the playing field, then you can upgrade and purchase new weapons. Upgrades are especially interesting as these will boost your current weapon or tank to some better stats. This might feel unfair but it isn’t pay-to-win, because the gold is solely used for skins or characters.


The game has a few fun moments when it actually works. Sadly, because it feels so cheap, the servers are dead and the bots are a pain to play with. There isn’t much content but the game is free-to-play, yet there are way better games on the market to fill those needs. As the developers apparently don’t care to help out the handful of players that reported the problem with the game not working, it feels like this is just another cash grab port from mobile and the quality speaks for itself. With cash grab, we then basically mean the items you can actually purchase with real money. The sound is very average,  the graphics are extremely simple, but hey if you have a kid running around that wants to play a shooter, this might be a fun entry level title that won’t cost you a penny.

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Rating: 1.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Raidfield 2 – Review, 1.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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