Railway Empire – Conquer the industrial revolution!

Railway Empire – Conquer the industrial revolution!

Train fans rejoice, the long expected railway tycoon simulator; Railway Empire has been released worldwide today! The game is now available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

Players try to conquer Nord-America in the 19th century in Railway Empire. They do this by making an extensive railway system that runs from one coast to the other. There are over 40 diverse train models that are extremely detailed which players can buy. Players can also buy or even build their own train stations, maintenance buildings, factories, and touristic attractions. They aren’t the only ones trying to be the best so they have to strategize how to stay on top. Sometimes the best strategy might not even be legal as players can attack and sabotage opponents by the use of robberies and espionage.

Players don’t have to do everything alone as they hire and manage staff. If the employee doesn’t meet the standards they can also be fired. You go on a journey through the industrial revolution as you develop more than 300 technologies, which varies from improvements to your trains to enhancement of the workplaces and more advanced services.

More features of Railway Empire:

  • Win challenges and achieve goals
  • Create the perfect railway system without any financial pressure in creative mode
  • Compete against maximum three rival companies and maybe even sabotage them with bandits and spies.

Railway Empire is available now digitally on PC along with both a physical and digital edition for PS4 and Xbox One. The Physical edition of the game includes the digital soundtrack of the game, a panoramic poster, and a printed manual.

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