Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise event

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise event

Last Wednesday we had the honor to be invited to the Ubisoft HQ in the Netherlands for the exclusive preview of Ember Rise, a press conference combined with a LAN party to get to know the new map and operators with our own eyes.   

It all started with a developer showing us the informative trailer that explains the new attacker Amaru, defending operator Goyo and the reworked Kanal map that has improved attack and defend points. Not only did we get to see these new updates but also the Battle Pass and Unranked playlist got announced. The Battle Pass is, like in PUBG or Fortnite, a pass that rewards players with many bonuses depending on how much they play. Ideal for new players so they have something real to work towards and long-time players some extra content to keep them amused. This will all commence with a free light version called ‘Call Me Harry’ as this is an experimental phase to see how well the community receives this idea.

The unranked playlist is just like playing ranked but without having to fear to lose your rank. Ideal for training the shorter match times, working on new tactics, or have some fun while your friends are away. Because of the many things that this season brings, we shall shortly talk about the two new operators.

Amaru is an attack operative that uses a grappling hook to quickly rappel up buildings, breach through wooden barricades and move up with open hatches. Goyo, on the other hand, is a strong defender that wields three deployable Volcán shields that are set with a fire charge that can explode to have the same impact as a Capitão fire charge.

During our LAN party, both operators seemed like a good addition to the fast competitive gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege. While Amaru is great for quick breaching or high versatile movement, Goyo was the one that always got picked due to his high versatility (and having three extra shields is amazing in defense). Operation Ember Rise will be coming very soon to all the platforms. Try and master the two new operators and become the highest rank in Siege!


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