Rainbow Six Siege – Operation North Star event

Rainbow Six Siege – Operation North Star event

Because physical events are still not allowed due to the pandemic, Ubisoft keeps on updating us with their newest releases while never having to leave the comfort of our own chair. With the newest installment of Y6S2 of Rainbow Six Siege around the corner, we hopped in the private Discord call and awaited the press conference. There were a few noteworthy things in this update, besides the usual stuff. For example, we had the chance to try out the new health system which will not be implemented just yet. The new additions this season are the Favela rework, a new operator named Thunderbird, a few updates to weapons attachments, no more peeking through bullet holes and the after-death update.

Thunderbird is a one armor, three-speed operator that places healing turrets so they can heal allies or enemies in the near vicinity. These turrets can also be used by downed allies to be revived. Because they work both ways, attackers can use them once they are recharged. They pack infinite resources so this was the only gadget that would be spared from harm, as attackers could use it for a quick fix-‘em-up.

The health system rework will change the way that Siege is played. Instead of your armor class, each operator now has base health and will gain an increased health pool according to their previous armor class. We wondered how this would impact the defenders with a Rook combination, as Rook his armor plates would give the player extra health and this could be boosted with Doc or now Thunderbird. We tried it out and a three armor player that has Rook plates equipped can be over boosted to have 175HP, which is almost the double health of a normal operative. Sadly it is open to changes, so it won’t hit the update in Y6S2.

The one update that actually gets implemented is the after-death scenario. Now when a player dies, his body disappears and an icon comes in its place. Sadly, this means that placing traps inside dead bodies is no longer a feature. Both attackers and defenders will be able to use their drones/cameras after they die, giving more support to players by being able to fully use their gadgets (such as Echo drones and Maestro his cams).

A strange new feature is that bulletproof glass, such as Mira her mirrors, bulletproof cameras, and Maestro his cam are now shatterable. This means that they won’t explode by hitting them but become slightly useless or harder to use. Furthermore, there is a slight rework changing the recoil on the compensator and flash hider, so if you want low recoil you have to switch over to the flash hider.

Thunderbird will be available for premium battle pass owners once the new season hits, all the other players will have to wait three weeks before being able to purchase her with credits or renown.

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