Rainbow Six Y6S3 Operation Crystal Guard Event

Rainbow Six Y6S3 Operation Crystal Guard Event

Siege is getting old and Ubisoft tries its best to keep the aging IP into fit shape; so this year it seems that they are looking forward to improving and balance the game, rather than add new content. Since year six the season-pass suddenly disappeared and was traded in for the battle pass. We presume that this was done because, in the beginning, they promised a steady flow of two operators per season, while this year it was only one during each season.

This season there won’t be a large map rework, but rather three maps that will receive slight improvements. These maps are Bank, Club House, and Coastline. These have all received some lighting reworks and little tweaks left and right, such as some turning open railing into full cover, allowing more protection or better flanking options.

Moving on from the reworked maps, you will probably be wondering what the new operator will be. Let us just say, she’s a peach! Osa is a two-speed / two-armor operator that has two deployable see-through shields that can be placed anywhere. This little shield can protect Osa completely like an improvised shield operator. As it is completely see-through, it can always be broken like other glass objects and the enemy can see you as well. It works with pressurized air, so a carefully placed bullet can take it out in one shot.

Next to the map tweaks and the new operator, a few other operators have also gotten slight tweaks. Twitch her drone has the taser disabled in the prep phase, but it destroys gadgets now rather than temporally disabling them. Fuze his explosive charge now penetrates through reinforced constructions. This takes a little bit longer and won’t leave a gaping hole, so it can’t be abused for peeking. Last but not least, IQ her gadget can now smart ping, letting the team members know what kind of gadget/object is placed, allowing for a Kali to snipe a gadget through reinforced walls.

In the end, there were a few little upgrades that might or might not interest you. These are two new updates for skins and a flashbang rework. First is the operator rim lighting, which can be turned on or off in the options. This setting shows a vague light around the silhouettes of enemies, so you can see them better in the dark, thus making it fairer against some camo skins. Regarding elite skins, it is now possible to change the headwear to something more stylish, so the skin and animation aren’t locked to their respective headwear. In the flashbang rework, flashbangs will always blind you, but your proximity to the flashbang has an influence on how long you are stunned. This is somewhat of an arcade setting but it gives you a guarantee that your flashbang actually does something.

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