Ralin: Dwarf Wars launched on Kickstarter

Ralin: Dwarf Wars launched on Kickstarter

We’ve seen many wonderful games being successfully launched via various campaigns. Indie developers, Ogadonix Studios, are trying to achieve the same with their newly launched KickStarter campaign for Ralin: Dwarf Wars.

Ralin: Dwarf Wars is intended to be released for PC, Mac and Nintendo Wii U systems but the developers will need some help to achieve this goal. The game is a community driven hack and slash RPG that promises to offer various challenges no other games of the same genre has ever offered you.

Here are the game’s best features:

  • Various game modes: single player, multiplayer, local and online co-op as well as private OS server software
  • Moddable scripts for the enemies health, damage and prefab
  • Procedurally generated maps for the roguelike style gameplay.
  • A Map editor is planned for later versions, with pre-defined maps are being designed for the campaign.
  • RPG-elements: Health, leveling, loot, crafting, attributes, quest systems & many more systems are planned
  • Loot: a lot of weapons, armor and crafting materials (planned for upcoming beta builds)
  • Storyline is community driven

Christian Biever, lead programmer at Ogadonix Studios, explained that “Ralin: Dwarf Wars earned Greenlight status in 5 days”, which is a fairly stunning goal to achieve on its own. Because of this, the developers are optimistic that the kickstarter campaign will go smoothly. You can check out the war between Goblins and Dwarves yourself on their campaign page. If you’d like, you can smash some skulls in yourselves by trying out the playable Alpha version of Ralin: Dwarf Wars, available on their page.

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