Rangers of Oblivion – Pre-Registration now open

Rangers of Oblivion – Pre-Registration now open

Fans of the Monster Hunter franchise might want to hear this, developer YOOZOO Games has decided to bring a ‘mobile’ port to the Monster-hunting gameplay type. Mobile is between apostrophes because the original series is on the mobile Nintendo 3DS. But now this kind of game is coming to your phone for Android and iOS. Those who want can pre-register now for the beta that has already started since yesterday. In Ranger of Oblivion you create your own character in this 3D fantasy MMORPG monster-hunting game in which you must defend the land of Malheim. Players can choose from six weapons: Greatsword, Lance, Longbow, Twin Blades, Armored Gauntlets, and Staff. Each weapon has its own skill set and fighting style, players may also forge new weapons and armors in the quest for killing them all.

Key features include

  • Day/night cycle
  • Dynamic weather systems (including snowstorms)
  • Ocean tides
  • Swaying vegetation and foliage

With a great survival element in place in which you must hunt, fish, cook and catch horses, ensures players for some good time spent in the bathroom or in the bus. The game is planned for release early 2019.


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