Rapping Your Way To An All New Retro Game

Rapping Your Way To An All New Retro Game

Making use of an old-school rap video, Digital Tribe is happy to share the passion of Wonderfling Studios for the 80s and 90s and blend it together with their first game Terrian Saga: KR-17.

Terrian Saga: KR-17 is a sidescrolling, platforming, action game in which you’ll take up the role of Military Drone #17. Players will make use of a wide variety of weapons, such as lasers, flame-throwers, grenades and even #17’s own guided missle. The aim of each stage is to make your way through the hordes of enemies and attacks, defeating small enemies along the way and finally reaching the final boss.

The game features:

– 60 levels spread over 9 themed stages

– Battles against 8 deadly bosses

– Making use of your guided missle to blow up annoying enemies, discovering new passages and exploring the environments

– Important updates and gameplay information while playing

– Collecting Gears to upgrade your weapons at special posts hidden throughout the many levels

– A variety of level design that keeps the gameplay fresh with action platforming sequences

– Steam Features include Achievements, Leaderboards, Stats, Trading Cards and enabled Controller Support

Terrian Saga: KR-17 will be available on Steam on the 9th of July and on Mac on the 29th of July. Also be sure to check out the retro video that will teach you even more:

If you wish to learn more then be sure to check out both Digital Tribe and Wonderfling.

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