Ravenbound launches on Steam in March

Ravenbound launches on Steam in March

Developer Systemic Reaction has announced that they are releasing Ravenbound, their Scandinavian-inspired open-world action rogue-lite on March 30 on PC through Steam.

Ravenbound is a game filled with action set in the beautiful fantasy world of Ávalt which is home to many dangerous creatures inspired by Scandinavian folk tales. You are the Vessel and within you is the Raven, a powerful weapon forged by the ancient god to rid the land of darkness. Clearing  Ávalt from the monsters won’t be easy, so become more robust and wiser with each run until you are fit enough for the task.

Key features include:

  • A Beautifully Deadly Open World: Freely explore a unique fantasy world inspired by Scandinavian folklore on foot or on the wings of the Raven. Choose where to go and which challenges to undertake, but beware: this land and its creatures are ever-changing, giving rise to new foes, locations, and trials when you may least expect it!
  • Intense Action-Roguelite Combat: Arm yourself with steel imbued with magic and face off against fantastic creatures like trolls, huldras, and the fearsome undead draugr in fast-paced, up-close combat where tactics are everything. Each Vessel has just one life to sacrifice, but the abilities you attain will benefit the next Vessel that rises in your place.
  • Play Your Cards Right: Ravenbound’s deck-building feature gives you access to more powerful gear and weapons with each new life. Expand your deck when you die, but pick carefully: these are the cards your next Vessel will draw. Improve your deck to give each Vessel the best chance to survive and bring the Raven closer to victory.

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