Ravenswatch: First six playable characters revealed!

Ravenswatch: First six playable characters revealed!

Passtech games, creators of Curse of the Dead Gods who are working together with Nacon, are happy to introduce their next game Ravenswatch! The game is an exciting new rogue-lite with art and music inspired and designed by Dark Comic Books. The fallen heroes of folklore, fairy tales, and legends gather together in The Ravenswatch to unite against the Nightmare hordes who have invaded the realm of Reverie. Six Legendary characters were revealed to play solo or with 2 to 4 players during the early access release on April 6th, 2023.

Scarlet is based on the fairy tale of red riding hood. During the day she is a deadly agile force with dual daggers, during the night her skills change when she changes into a ferocious werewolf.

Franz is based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin. The deadly musician will use his Nightmare-infected weapon to control a deadly swarm of rats! With his destructive melodies he is able to weaken and destroy his enemies from a distance!

Beowulf is based on the tale of the same name, Beowulf. King Beowulf armed with his two-handed sword and his new companion, which can be called to weaken, attack, or block off enemy troops, will try to save his people from the Nightmares.

Nyss finds her origin in the tale of The Snow Queen. Having lost her healing powers because of a Nightmare attack, she will now have to use her other more deadly powers to glide over the battlefield and impale her enemies while doing so.

Based on the iconic 1001 Arabian Nights, Aladdin will also be present in the game. The invasion of the Nightmares forces Aladdin to raise his sword to fight against them to break the curse that keeps his wife locked up in an infected magic lamp. He is a deadly short-range fighter able to make a wish for riches, life, or death to turn the tides of battle.

Melusine stems forth from the legends of the Sirens. She is able to dive underground anywhere and control a giant ball of water to devastate her enemies from a long range.

Four more characters and three extra chapters are to be included in the game on its full release in 2024. It’s going to be an action-packed, exciting rogue-lite, with procedurally generated maps, complete with a party system, upgrades, and bestiary. The game is going to be an RPG experience with tons of quests, missions, bosses, and dungeons filled with loot.

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