ReadySet Heroes – Review
Follow Genre: Action-Adventure Brawler, Party
Developer: Robot Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PS4, PC
Tested on: PS4

ReadySet Heroes – Review

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Good: Accessible but not without a challenge
Bad: Hitboxes and gameplay not so fair
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Rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)

Everybody likes a dungeon crawler. The excitement of not knowing what is next, looting treasure, and growing stronger, it’s an old recipe originally made big by the Dungeons & Dragons board games, but it’s not always accessible for everybody to get into. Changing this accessibility seems to be the logic of Sony and Robot Entertainment’s new game, ReadySet Heroes.


There is no story present in ReadySet Heroes. As the game’s focus revolves entirely around getting quickly into (multiplayer) games, it’s one of those games that creates a narrative by letting players play their game. It will be an adventure about dungeon crawling through different types of environment that probably ends in death at least the first few rounds you will try to play.


Graphically this game is very appealing for multiple people of all ages. With smooth animations, bright colors, and no limitations to which character you can pick in terms of gameplay, it’s just easily accessible. Though easy accessible does not mean the game is easy. There will be plenty of challenges ahead. The game has a lot of the same cartoony vibes as games such as Fortnite, which work into its advantage by a lot. Because it makes up for some of the flaws the gameplay presents (in combination with the graphics), such as some hitboxes on i.e. thorny bushes.


The sound is strong in ReadySet Heroes. The background music can be called luxurious in a way. A rich cinematic-type of music fills up a level, adjusted to the environment. With brass orchestra sound effects on victorious occasions and plenty of vocal expressions and grunts from playable characters and enemies alike, there’s enough to be heard while playing. The entirety of the sound department in ReadySet Heroes is worked out in detail, and just works well!


In ReadySet Heroes, you can instantly start a game by yourself or with friends, where you will play this action-adventure party game until you died too many times, finished an entire game, or just had enough. The game clearly has its eye on multiplayer though. As you begin there are two game modes to choose from. When choosing one, you do a tower run solo or with a buddy, which are 30 random levels of danger that increase every level. The other mode is for two to four players and creates a competitive environment where you race against each other, trying to be first and to survive, as well as doing some team-based mini-games.

In both game modes, you run through dungeons where mostly you will have to clear a bunch of enemies and survive traps. Either these hazards are combined or sometimes you will just find an entire floor with a challenge where you only have to do timed challenges or traps. While you fight and run, you will find gems as loot. Gems upgrade your health and damage and such. The more you pick up, the stronger you get. Also, the end of each floor has a treasure chest that allows you to pick up a new random weapon, piece of armor, or skill item. And then there are some challenges and collectibles to top it all off, allowing more fun with skins for your favorite characters and such.

For the price of 20 euros/dollars, that the game is limited isn’t its biggest issue. The random factor of not knowing what level you will get next keeps it all interesting most of the time. The biggest problem that ReadSet Heroes is facing is some gameplay design issues, such as the aforementioned hitboxes on some items that feel like they are not locked down properly, dealing damage on you as you barely scratch them. The same goes for the fact that you can barely dodge and roll around. If you do a combo with a melee weapon, it will put you forward in three strikes. But then there is a rather large window where you can’t roll away, the only dodge option that you have. The same goes for aborting a strike, it’s simply not useful. This contradicts the accessibility as well as the fact that hordes of enemies come at you, charging their attacks while you are hopelessly pushing the ”roll” button. It’s just the biggest flaw of the game.


ReadySet Heroes can be a reasonably fun game for all ages, even though it slightly repeats itself after a while. Its combination of dungeon crawling with competitive (mini-)games gives something that will be fun for at least a few nights. The smaller problems with some hitboxes and the bigger problems when it comes to dodging enemy attacks crushes a little bit of the fair gameplay, but it doesn’t destroy the entire experience.

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Rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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ReadySet Heroes - Review, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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