Travel the galaxy in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on August 13

Travel the galaxy in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on August 13

The long-awaited prequel to 2015’s Rebel Galaxy will launch August 13 exclusively on the Epic Game Store, with PS4 and Switch versions to release in the coming months.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw drops you right in the cockpit where you will play the role of Juno Markev. A retired smuggler and outlaw who tried to leave it in her past, but everything caught up to her and that life is dragging her back in. After a deal gone wrong, she finds herself in massive debt to a friend and casino owner, who gifts you an old rusted ship and some words of advice.

New features include:

  • Full single player campaign, but with enough room for you to do your own thing
  • Unique auto-pursuit system that makes combat possible for everyone, from the rookies to the veterans
  • Customize your ship to fit the job, from weapons to skins, make it your own
  • Over twenty-one hours of music
  • Meet and befriend tons of characters along your journey through retro-futuristic space
  • Try your hand at gambling to increase your profit even more

Watch the release date trailer here.

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Travel the galaxy in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on August 13, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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