Red Goddess gameplay trailer revealed

Red Goddess gameplay trailer revealed

The Red Goddess is a side scoller platformer in which a divine being is searching for her inner self. You might have already seen some footage of this game. Today, the trailer gives you a bit more information about the “madness rays”. This is a kind of alarm system and when you’re detected by it, the Narrator activates a quarantine area and guess what: he will try to kill you. There are several possible attacks, depending on the zone you’re at.

These are the possibilities:

  • More enemies will appear.
  • Your other persona, which appears as a deadly mask, will turn against you.
  • Access doors close down and new traps will be activated.
  • Enemies will become more aggressive.

If you want to get out of this alarm mode, you will have to exit/get out of the quarantine area or exterminate all opponents in that area.

Check the trailer for some gameplay footage.

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