Redefining ESports: The Thrilling Action of the COD CDL Tournament

Redefining ESports: The Thrilling Action of the COD CDL Tournament

Last year, Call of Duty Fans expressed their anger at Activision Blizzard after the publisher made an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch. Call of Duty League is one of the best eSports tournaments out there.

It has millions of fans from every corner of the world. Some people like to watch the CDL tournament on YouTube. Others would rather use Twitch. Fortunately, Activision listened to fans and made streaming CDL games available on both Twitch and YouTube.

This year’s CDL season is nearly over. And it has been a tremendous success. Below are some of the reasons it’s been so successful:

Star-Studded Teams

The CDL consists of 12 teams that compete for points and a chance to win $200,000. The teams play five double-elimination tournaments during the regular season. Eight teams then qualify for the playoffs, where they compete to lift the CDL trophy.

The 2023 league welcomes some of the most talented teams in North America. There’s Atlanta Face, which has been dominating the league since 2021. Then there’s Optic Texas, the New York Subliners, and the Boston Breach.

Each team consists of talented players who deserve to be in the league. Excellent talent means that each game is a delight for the fans. Although some teams are more dominant than others, each CDL plays regular season games like they’re playing to win the championship.

You Can Bet on ESports

The Call of Duty League is a professional league with franchises, managers, and teams. It shares a lot with the NFL, NBA, and MLS. Due to that, betting companies are now accepting CDL wagers.

However, don’t be quick to bet on eSports. Learn how betting works. Select a good eSports sportsbook. More importantly, keep up with CDL matches to ensure you have an insider’s opinion about the best teams in the league.

Fair Rules

The folks at Activision Blizzard created the Call of Duty League with competitiveness in mind. To keep the game fair, they eliminated nearly all weapons that can lead to easy and unfair kills. We’re talking about the following weapons:

  • Shotguns and battle rifles
  • Marksman rifles
  • Al LMGs
  • Silencers and lasers
  • Proximity mines, C4s, and Knifes
  • Decoy Grenades and heartbeat sensors

Additionally, the game banned perks like tactical cameras, anti-armor rounds, portable radars, spotters, and load-out drops. Banning powerful weapons levels the playing field, ensuring winners do so purely based on their skills.

When it comes to maps, nothing remains constant. The game changes maps and missions as the league progresses. With that said, the game modes tend to be consistent:

The Search and Destroy mode challenges one team to plant a bomb while the other side detonates it. There are six rounds in this mode. Each team has 90 seconds to complete a round and the first team to win six rounds win.

Live Matches

One of the reasons the CDL has been growing rapidly has everything to do with access. The league provides live entertainment you can watch from the comfort of your home. Also, it’s free.

To watch a CDL game, all you need is to find your favorite CDL team on YouTube or Twitch. Each time gets a link to broadcast live matches to their fans. Sometimes you can also watch matches through third-party channels that provide live commentary.

Another reason to watch Call of Duty’s League games is that you are rewarded for your time. All you need is to link your COD account to your YouTube or Twitch account. Authorize your links and you will receive points during the regular season and playoff games.

Your reward varies on the amount of time you spend watching a CDL match. On June 15, the reward for watching one hour of the game is an Animated Calling Card. During the final day of the tournament—June 18—watching for two hours will earn you a 60-minute double XP token. Also, you’ll receive a 60-minute double weapon XP token.

The Game Atmosphere

Watching an eSports game is like watching a college football game. Fans in the stadium cheer their favorite teams non-stop. Many of them come clad in jerseys ready to shout, scream and show support for their favorite teams.

While watching at home alone, you probably don’t have anyone to cheer your team with. However, there’s always the option to watch a team in a LAN environment.

As mentioned, you can also watch a competition with live commentary to feel more involved. Some tournaments take more than three hours. That means a live eSports game keeps you entertained longer than most conventional sports.

The COD Game

Call of Duty is one of the most popular video games in the world. It’s popular because Activision Blizzard fires from all cylinders to create an action-packed gaming experience.

Most people who watch CDL games love the Call of Duty franchise. It has impressive visuals, precise mechanics, and intriguing modes. Overall, it’s an excellent game to play.

However, everyone has their skill limits. Some people are great in the hard point mode. Others perform better in the search and destroy mode. This is where the CDL comes in.

It allows you to watch people who are much better at COD display their skills. In other words, it’s similar to watching any other sport. You might be a football fan. But you’re entertained by the skillsets of top NFL players.

The COD Community

Another reason the CDL is worth visiting is that it has a vibrant community. Millions of people play Call of Duty every month. These people also interact with one another on Steam, Discord, Reddit, and other platforms.

If you like Call of Duty, you’ll feel at home by joining COD community channels. You can share your viewpoints about different teams. You can make predictions about who will win the competition or share memes.

Similar to other sports, Call of Duty isn’t limited to its league. It also features communities on Twitch, meaning you can watch people play the game outside the league.

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