Redemption Reapers is now out

Redemption Reapers is now out

Binary Haze Interactive and Adglobe have just launched their tactical RPG, Redemption Reapers, on Steam, PS4, and Switch. Additionally, physical edition pre-orders will be opening in April for those interested. Created by a group of industry professionals with experience in other titles such as Fire Emblem or Kingdom Hearts, the title will see players leading a band of mercenaries against a merciless enemy.

By mastering innovative mechanics like stances, players will have to level the field by utilizing a duo of warriors. In order to strengthen their heroes, players will also be able to level up their active and passive traits while equipping them with a plethora of items. As they fight together, warriors will also build bonds and unlock dialogue choices, unlocking personal stories and background information as a result.

“Redemption Reapers is a truly special title. The story immerses you in the complexities of war, and the gameplay makes you think outside the box to accomplish insurmountable odds,” says Hiroyuki Kobayashi at Binary Haze Interactive. “It is an honor to showcase the skills of such a talented development team and voice cast, and we are excited everyone to try their hand at outsmarting the enemy.”


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